How to Start an online business On A Shoestring Budget

Starting your own online business is a big step to make, no matter the age or financial position you’re in.  A few decades ago, it was unimaginable starting a business without having a lot of money, but with the development of the Internet, almost anyone has the opportunity to be a business owner today even without any money at all.

Having a limited or no budget doesn’t mean you should wait to open an online store. There are a few options available to you to open an online business with little or no money at all.



Set up a website

Unlike a few decades ago when you needed a lot of money to buy or rent a location for your business, today you can have that “location” online for as low as $5. Setting up a website and buying a domain is pretty cheap, and it gives you complete freedom over the look of the website, the name, prices and everything else related.
Although if you don’t want to spend money on a website, you can start learning how to make one yourself. There are many videos on Youtube and on how-to sites which give you free lessons on how to do things by yourself, so if you’re the learning type, you can watch these and make your own website in no time. You can also test different platforms without spending your money first. For instance, you can create a website with Shopify free trial.

Partner with famous websites

There are many online businesses which have already made its name in the online market. One thing you can do is partner up with these online businesses and ask them to put your business’ name or a link to your website somewhere on their online store’s site.
This will get your name out there and help you get noticed by your audience, but also get you more traffic to your website.

Use umbrella sites

As this is the age of the Internet, there is a website for everything, even a website for websites. You have the option of contacting these websites and setting up your online store under their wing. Many successful online businesses have started like this. It’s a cheap way to get started with your online store, but with a smaller risk of losing your funds if your online stores’ website doesn’t work.



Make your own products

With the existence of websites like eBay, Etsy, and other online e-commerce marketplaces, it easy to sell online something you’ve made. If you have a talent for making something, make it and place it online to earn a couple of bucks until you have enough to open your online store.
You can even use these online marketplaces as a test to see how the online market will react to the things you want to sell and how good would they sell. If the demand for the products you plan on sell online increases, that is a good sign that your products are needed on the online market and that your online business is something that has a good chance of succeeding.

Sell your services

If your goal is to sell services online, you can start by offering them online. There are many freelance sites offering you the opportunity to get your first couple of clients by doing some small tasks for them. It will be a good way to pile up some experience while also saving you a couple of bucks

If you dream is to be a successful online business owner, don’t let something as trivial as having limited funds stop you. If you are ready to work hard and not give up, you can start working towards realizing your dream today.